Code M140D
Model HM-47B
Capacity Table Travel: (X) - 540mm (Y) - 205mm (Z) - 385mm
Weight (kg) 430
Weight (m3) 1.202
Weight (Freight) 430
Dimensions (cm) 110 x 95 x 115
240V / 10A
1 Year

HM-47B Mill Drill - Geared & Tilting Head with Digital Readout System Table Travel: (X) - 540mm (Y) - 205mm (Z) - 385mm


This NEW HM-47B milling machines is somewhat like the HM-46B model, but with the additional benefit of a larger machine worktable with more travels, a tapping function switch to allow you to control the required depth when tapping holes, a coolant pump system with flexible hose & nozzle, a halogen work light on a flexible arm to adjust the light beam as needed and a very sturdy fabricated stand with an access panel.

The HM-47B also has a 3-Axis digital readout counter fitted with 2-Axis X & Y scales for accurate table positioning with ease, 6-speeds 95-1650rpm, gear driven head which can be tilted up to 90º either side of the vertical. This feature allows the head to be positioned in a variety of positions, allowing a whole range of milling, slotting, grooving, drilling and boring operations to be carried out on different angles. The milling head is also mounted to a vertical dovetail slide system that allows the head to maintain on the exact same centre position when raising or lowering.

The quill movement is also coupled to a digital depth counter mounted on the face of the machine for convenience and allows you to achieve accurate drilling or milling depths. Tilting the head can be also measured accurately via the digital head gauge mounted on the right side of the mill head.

Also available is an optional power feed attachment which fits to the left-hand end of the table and provides a smooth, variable speed longitudinal drive.


  • 3-Axis digital readout counter fitted with 2-Axis X & Y scales only
  • Large 800 x 240mm ground work table with T-slots
  • Powerful 2HP-240V gear driven head
  • 6 spindle speeds ranging from 95-1650rpm
  • 3MT spindle with 75mm diameter lockable quill
  • Drilling/Milling & Tapping Functions
  • Mill head tilts to ±90º from vertical with digital display
  • Dovetail vertical Z-Axis with rack and pinion wind-up head
  • Adjustable leadscrew nuts eliminating backlash on both axis
  • Adjustable table stops with table locks
  • Fine down feed handwheel operating quill feed with adjustable stop
  • Digital depth display with zero reset for quill (Includes LR44 battery)
  • Digital display bevel box to set head tilting (Includes AAA battery)
  • Forward and reverse on/off switch
  • Metric dial graduations @ 0.05mm for X & Y-Axis
  • Rear slide-way cover and slide clamps on all axis
  • Fixed control panel
  • Coolant system with flexible hose
  • Heavy duty fabricated stand with coolant & swarf tray

  • * Note: X & Y travels maybe reduced due to digital readout scales and safety stops


  • 3-Axis digital readout counter fitted with 2-Axis X & Y scales only
  • Heavy duty fabricated stand with coolant & swarf collection tray
  • Coolant system
  • Halogen light
  • Digital depth display
  • Digital tilting head gauge
  • Drill chuck & arbor
  • Drill sleeve – 3MT – 2MT
  • Face cutter & arbor
  • Safety cutter guard
  • 1/2" x 12TPI drawbar
  • M12 x 1.75mm drawbar

Optional Accessories

  • Z-Axis scale 470mm travel - (D5220)


MODEL3-Axis Counter, X, Y Scales
Digital ReadoutVertical
Type800 x 240
Table SizemmDovetail
Column Type3MT
Spindle Taper - Vertical~
Spindle Taper - Horizontal540*
Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis)mm205*
Cross Travel (Y-Axis)mm385
Vertical Travel (Z-Axis)mmDovetail
Type of Slides~
Ram Travelmm485
Spindle to Tablemm~
Spindle to Base120 / 75
Spindle Travel / Diametermm265
Throat Depth (max.)mm±90º
Tilting Head (Left ~ Right)Fixed
Tilting Head (Forward ~ Back)31.5
Drilling Capacitymm28
End Milling Capacitymm80
Face Milling Capacitymm~
Power Feed - Quillmm/revOptional
Power Feed - Longitudinal (X-Axis)mm/min~
Power Feed - Cross (Y-Axis)mm/min~
Power Feed - Vertical (Z-Axis)mm/min14
Table T-Slot Sizeinch / mm55
Work Table Load Capacitykg6 (95 - 1650)
Spindle Speeds VerticalNo./ rpm~
Spindle Speeds HorizontalNo./ rpm~
Spindle Speeds - Universal Head1.5 / 2
Motor Power - Vertical SpindlekW / hp~
Motor Power - Horizontal SpindlekW / hp~
Motor Power - Universal Head240 / 10
Voltage / AmperageV / amp110 x 95 x 115
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)cm430
Nett Weightkg

Recommended Accessories