EWM-75 English Wheel 1.6mm Mild Steel Capacity


The EWM-75 heavy duty English Wheel is designed to allow craftsmen to form smooth curves from flat sheets of metal. They are mainly used in car, motorcycle, aviation and racing car construction or restoration where sheet metal panels need to have compound curves formed.

The operator passes the sheet metal between the anvil wheel and the rolling wheel. This process stretches the material and causes it to become thinner. As the material stretches, it forms a convex surface over the anvil wheel.

This heavy duty steel fabricated machine has a large 711mm throat which allows a capacity of 1.6mm for mild steel and 2.0mm for Copper and Aluminium.

Supplied with a 203mm diameter x 50.8mm wide top rolling wheel and 50.8, 76.2, 101.6, 152.4, 203.2, 304.8mm radius dies & 1 x flat die.

The machine weighs 75kg and has provisions to be easily secured to floor.


  • 711mm throat capacity
  • 1.6mm mild steel capacity
  • 2.0mm copper & aluminium capacity
  • Top anvil Ø203 x 50.8mm
  • Includes 50.8, 76.2, 101.6, 152.4, 203.2, 304.8mm radius dies & 1 x flat die
  • Sealed ball bearings in all dies and heat treated to minimise wear


Mild Steel - Capacitymm / Gauge1.6 / 16
Aluminium - Capacitymm / Gauge~
Copper - Capacitymm / Gauge2.0
Throat Capacitymm711
Top Anvil SizemmØ203 x 50
Radius Diesmm50, 73, 101, 152,
203, 305
Working Heightmm1200
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)89 x 77.5 x 18.5
Nett Weightkg73

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