PPH-51 Pneumatic Planishing Hammer 1.2mm Mild Steel Capacity


The PPH-51 Planishing Hammer has been long used in metal fabrication and restoration to smooth large areas of metal after it has been roughly shaped with a hammer and sand bag. Common uses are for custom motorcycle gas tank and fender manufacturing, street rod bodies, patch panels for auto restoration, repair and metal sculpting.

The power head is a heavy-duty aircraft rivet gun, sturdy steel fabricated frame with 500mm throat depth, is beefy enough to smooth 1.2mm mild steel. A quick release allows the lower shaft to slide down, to accept panels with deep flanges. The power head adjustment controls the intensity from 875-1350 blows per minute. A foot control starts and stops the hammering while being hooked up to compressed air.
Includes Ø32mm flat top die, 25, 50 and 76mm radius anvils.
The machine weigh's 25kg and has bolt holes to be easily secured to floor.


  • 500mm throat capacity
  • 1.2mm mild steel capacity
  • Foot pedal operation
  • Comes with 25, 50, 76mm radius anvils
  • 875-1350 blows/minute
  • 50 - 100PSI pressure
  • 4cfm air consumption
  • Overall height 1220mm
  • The footprint of the machine is 750mm x 350mm


MachineTypePneumatic Planishing
Mild Steel - Capacitymm / Gauge1.2 / 18
Aluminium - Capacitymm / Gauge~
Cubic feet per minuteCFM~
Tooling Height Adjustmentmm~
Throat Depthmm500
Length of Stroke Adjustmentmm~
Radius Anvil Sizesmm25, 50, 76
Speed - blows per minuteBPM875 - 1350
Air ConsumptionCFM4
Working Heightmm965
Air Pressurepsi~
Motor PowerkW / hp~
Voltage / AmperageV / amp~
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)mm~
Nett Weightkg25

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