HD12 Dust Collector


LPHV = Low Pressure High Volume System

The dust and shavings of LPHV extractors are sucked through the impeller fan blade and then the waste falls into the lower bag, the air being exhausted through the top filter bag, collecting some of the fine dust on the way. This type of extraction shifts huge volumes of air at low pressure and they are very efficient at removing bulk waste such from Planers, Thicknessers & Wood Lathes etc, hence some people call them chip collectors. The down fall with all LPHV dust collector systems is when you reduce the intake hose from 100mm to 32mm the air flow volume is affected dramatically.

Anyone working wood machinery without a dust extractor are not only creating a great deal of mess but is also damaging their health. The Scheppach HD12 is the solution to both these problems providing sufficient air flow to deal with all dust problems. Ideal for the smaller workshop.


  • German design & technology
  • Portable on wheels, with conveniently placed handle for easy manoeuvrability
  • 680cfm air flow suction
  • Ø100mm single inlet
  • Quick-action clamp
  • 5 Micron fine filter bag
  • Powerful 0.56kW / 3/4HP 240V Motor provides efficient dust collection
  • 100mm inlet collects large volumes of chips and dust debris
  • Large capacity dust bag allows extended use between emptying cycles
  • Carry handle allows the unit to be easily moved around the work area when required
  • Flexible 2 metre collection hose for greater versatility when connecting equipment
  • Filling capacity: 75 Litre


  • 4 in 1 reducer attachment 100-35mm when all connected: (1 x 100-68mm reducer, 1 x 63-45mm reducer, 1 x 40-40mm reducer, 1 x 35-35mm reducer)


MODELDust Collector
LPHV - Low Pressure High VolumeYes / NoNo
HPLV - High Pressure Low VolumeYes / No1 x Ø100
Inlets / DiameterNo. / mm~
Outlets / DiameterNo. / mm0. 56 / 0.75
Motor PowerkW / hp240 / 10
VoltageV / amp900 x 520 x 1570
Floor Space (W x D x H)mm890 x 550 x 450
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)mm24
Nett Weightkg