HA-1000 Dust Collector 50 Litre


The HA-1000 makes a great addition to the home workshop.

When it comes to suction power the HA-1000 surpasses all conventional centrifugal extractors in spite of being the smallest and most cost-efficient unit in our range. Also its compact design makes it easily portable and ideal were space is limited.

HPLV = High Pressure Low Volume System: HPLV extractors operate more like a standard vacuum cleaner as high pressure is increased or maintained when the inlet diameter is restricted or reduced. This extractor features a powerful 1100W through – flow motor design drawing dust & wood chips into a large Steel canister storage drum prior to entering both cardboard cartridge and paper bag filters; giving 2 levels of filtration down to 0.5 – 1 micron. This portable extractor is intended & ideal for the home workshop removing wood chips and dust from woodworking machines & power tools especially fitted with reduced ports from Ø100mm to Ø32mm.

Application examples Bandsaws, Scroll Saws, Sanders, and Power Tools etc. The Waste content can easily be emptied via a single quick action clamp. This extractor is also supplied with 2 metres of Ø100mm diameter hose.


  • German design & technology
  • 1100W 240V motor
  • Handle for easy moving
  • Suction connector set for all small machines
  • Filter cartridge
  • Polyester needle-felt filter bag
  • Low pressure 2500Pa
  • Filter area 0.3m²
  • Filtration 5 micron
  • Filling capacity 50 litres
  • Hose length 2000mm
  • Hose connection Ø100mm
  • Noise level 77dB (A)
  • Certificate CE
  • Dimensions: Ø400 x 700mm (W x H)
  • Weight approx. 14kg


  • 2 x hose clamps
  • 1 x 100-68mm reducer
  • 1 x 63-45mm reducer
  • 1 x 40-40mm reducer
  • 1 x 35-35mm reducer
  • 2 meters of Ø100mm hose
  • Hose adaptor fitting
  • Spare filter bags


MODELDust Collector
LPHV - Low Pressure High VolumeYes / NoYes
HPLV - High Pressure Low VolumeYes / No1 x Ø100
Inlets / DiameterNo. / mm~
Outlets / DiameterNo. / mm1.1 / 1.5
Motor PowerkW / hp240 / 10
VoltageV / amp350 x 350 x 650
Floor Space (W x D x H)mm700 x 420 x 420
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)mm14
Nett Weightkg