Code M121
Model HM-32
Capacity Table Travel: (X) - 540mm (Y) - 190mm (Z) - 410mm
Weight (kg) 295
Weight (m3) 0.929
Weight (Freight) 309.357
Dimensions (cm) 95 x 85 x 115
240V / 10A
1 Year

HM-32 Mill Drill - Belt Drive Table Travel: (X) - 540mm (Y) - 190mm (Z) - 410mm


This is a rugged and well made machine with good capacities and plenty of power, a good choice for a serious home engineer.

The belt driven head provides a useful range of 12 speeds, 100-2150rpm and is quiet in operation, the head can be re-positioned on the column with the aid of a handle driven rack and pinion drive.

The table has T slots to allow the work to be directly mounting to table, or in a milling vice, with two large diameter control hand wheels with metric calibrations for the longitudinal axis.

The fine down feed control can be locked firmly in position when milling and the mill also features an easy-to-read depth stop.

Optional power feed provides smooth variable speed drive to longitudinal travel


  • Quiet B section belt drive system
  • Milling head rotates 360º on column
  • Extra large 820 x 240mm ground work table with T-slots
  • Adjustable leadscrew nuts eliminating backlash on both axis
  • Fine feed hand wheel operating quill feed
  • Forward and reverse on/off switch with emergency stop
  • 3MT spindle with 75mm diameter quill
  • Adjustable table and drill length stops
  • Rack and pinion wind-up head
  • Rear slide-way cover and slide clamps on all axis
  • Spindle lock for quill
  • Table locks on both axis
  • Metric dial graduations @ 0.05mm for X & Y axis
  • Optional power feed fits straight on the table


  • Drill chuck
  • 3MT arbor
  • 3MT-2MT drill sleeve
  • Face cutter & arbor
  • 3" tilting vice
  • Safety cutter guard
  • 1/2" x 12tpi whitworth drawbar



Digital ReadoutVertical
Type820 x 240
Table SizemmØ115mm
Column Type3MT
Spindle Taper - Vertical~
Spindle Taper - Horizontal540
Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis)mm190
Cross Travel (Y-Axis)mm410
Vertical Travel (Z-Axis)mmDovetail
Type of Slides~
Ram Travelmm455
Spindle to Tablemm~
Spindle to Base130 / 75
Spindle Travel / Diametermm202
Throat Depth (max.)mmFixed
Tilting Head (Left ~ Right)Fixed
Tilting Head (Forward ~ Back)31.5
Drilling Capacitymm22
End Milling Capacitymm80
Face Milling Capacitymm~
Power Feed - Quillmm/revOptional
Power Feed - Longitudinal (X-Axis)mm/min~
Power Feed - Cross (Y-Axis)mm/min~
Power Feed - Vertical (Z-Axis)mm/min14
Table T-Slot Sizeinch / mm55
Work Table Load Capacitykg12 (100 - 2150)
Spindle Speeds VerticalNo./ rpm~
Spindle Speeds HorizontalNo./ rpm~
Spindle Speeds - Universal Head1.5 / 2
Motor Power - Vertical SpindlekW / hp~
Motor Power - Horizontal SpindlekW / hp~
Motor Power - Universal Head240 / 10
Voltage / AmperageV / amp95 x 85 x 115
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)cm295
Nett Weightkg

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