PH-28A Pneumatic Power Hammer 1.6mm Mild Steel Capacity


Shrink and stretch with air! The compact, USA-made PH-28A hits much harder than traditional pneumatic power hammers. You can even use a thumbnail shrinker die (included).

Recommended for: Startup automotive shops, metal shapers working on airplane parts, and metal artists.


  • 711mm throat can handle larger panels than the MH-19 can
  • Stretches, shrinks, and planishes up to 1.6mm mild steel
  • Variable speed from 0 to 1,000 beats per minute
  • Runs on 120psi compressed air
  • Regulator on the side lets you control the airflow
  • Air-powered system is much quieter than a mechanical machine
  • Foot pedal operation keeps your hands free to move the material
  • Quick-release handle on the front allows you lift the tool up and take the material out
  • Comes with 7 tooling sets:
  • 63.5mm thumbnail shrinking dies
  • 63.5mm master flat top die
  • 25.4mm linear stretch die
  • 12" (300mm), 24" (600mm), and 36" (914mm) radius dies
  • Oiler system on the side can deliver oil directly to the tool for convenient maintenance
  • You can add an optional planishing hammer attachment to the side to create an all-in-one machine
  • Small footprint is perfect for home shops or production facilities
  • Heavy 12.7mm steel plate frame avoids flex and ensures that the machine’s force fully transfers to the material for high-quality results


  • 63.5mm Thumbnail Shrinking Dies
  • 63.5mm Master Flat Top Die
  • 25.4mm Linear Stretch Die
  • 63.5mm x 36" (914mm) Radius Die
  • 63.5mm x 24" (600mm) Radius Die
  • 63.5mm x 12" (300mm) Radius Die



MachineTypePneumatic Power Hammer
Mild Steel - Capacitymm / Gauge1.6 / 16
Aluminium - Capacitymm / Gauge2 / 14
Cubic feet per minuteCFM15 @ 120psi
Tooling Height Adjustmentmm38
Throat Depthmm711
Length of Stroke Adjustmentmm~
Radius Anvil Sizesmm~
Speed - blows per minuteBPM0 - 1000 (Variable)
Air ConsumptionCFM~
Working Heightmm~
Air Pressurepsi80 - 120
Motor PowerkW / hp~
Voltage / AmperageV / amp~
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)mm915 x 1220 x 1778
Nett Weightkg454

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