Code B9030
Model PH-19VS
Capacity 1.6mm Mild Steel Capacity
Weight (kg) 454
Weight (m3) 4.256
Weight (Freight) 1,417.248
Dimensions (cm) 163 x 122 x 214
240V / 10A
1 Year

PH-19VS Reciprocating Hammer 1.6mm Mild Steel Capacity


Need precise speed control for delicate jobs? That’s why we added an inverter drive to our PH-19 and created a variable-speed power hammer that more shops can afford.

Recommended for: Small automotive and airplane shops with limited space and/or budgets, as well as schools and educational institutions.


  • Delivers enough force to shape 1.6mm mild steel
  • 482mm throat allows you get deep into panels and covers most metal shaping projects
  • Adjustable speed from 100 to 1,500 to beats per minute
  • You can control the speed either by foot pedal or the control box on the side of the machine
  • Plug it into any 240-volt power outlet
  • Quick-release tooling handle lets you start in the middle of a panel while keeping the pressure constant
  • Tooling changes take just a few seconds and don’t require any hand tools
  • Comes standard with a mini thumbnail shrinker die set
  • Wide variety of tooling available for shrinking, stretching, planishing, and drastic metal shaping
  • Heavy 12.7mm plate steel frame and rigid steel stand enable this power hammer to hit with full force and prevent deflection
  • Small footprint saves space in smaller shops
  • Wheels on the base make it easy to move out of the way
  • Tooling and replacement parts are available



MachineTypeReciprocating Hammer
Mild Steel - Capacitymm / Gauge1.6 / 16
Aluminium - Capacitymm / Gauge2.5 / 12
Cubic feet per minuteCFM~
Tooling Height Adjustmentmm127
Throat Depthmm482
Length of Stroke Adjustmentmm4.5 - 14
Radius Anvil Sizesmm~
Speed - blows per minuteBPM100 - 1500 (Variable)
Air ConsumptionCFM~
Working Heightmm~
Air Pressurepsi~
Motor PowerkW / hp0.75 / 1
Voltage / AmperageV / amp240
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)mm1524 x 1219 x 2134
Nett Weightkg454

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