MH-19 Power Hammer 1.6mm Mild Steel Capacity


Our best-selling power hammer, the MH-19 is the only metal-shaping tool you’ll need. Built from 25.4mm thick steel, this USA-made machine can drastically shape panels, planish, and more.


  • 482.6mm throat depth
  • 1.6mm mild steel capacity
  • Variable speed from 0 to 1,500 beats per minute
  • You can increase the BPM to hit lightly for planishing and smoothing out dents
  • Change the speed in 2 ways: by foot pedal or through the operator panel
  • Switch between rigid and non-rigid modes to suit your project
  • Pullmax®-style mode for short stroke shaping and flanging
  • Spring-slapping Yoder®-style mode for aggressive shrinking and planishing
  • On-the-fly stroke adjustments range from 4.5 - 14mm
  • 1.5kW / 2hp motor power, 240 volt
  • Die sets are available for shrinking, stretching, flanging, and making louvers. You can also create custom dies for the machine
  • Tooling design allows you to switch dies quickly for smooth production
  • Comes standard with a tooling rack on the side of the machine
  • Solid steel plate frame prevents flex, ensures high-quality hits, and helps this power hammer last for many years
  • Arrives fully assembled. Just unpack it, plug it in, and get started
  • Includes set of thumbnail dies, master flat top die, and 6" x 1" flat top die

Optional Accessories

  • You can bolt a planishing hammer attachment to the side of the machine for when you need to finish a piece.
  • Robust English wheel kit can bring even more versatility to the machine.



MachineTypePower Hammer
Mild Steel - Capacitymm / Gauge1.6 / 16
Aluminium - Capacitymm / Gauge2.5 / 12
Cubic feet per minuteCFM~
Tooling Height Adjustmentmm50.8
Throat Depthmm482.6
Length of Stroke Adjustmentmm4.5 - 14
Radius Anvil Sizesmm~
Speed - blows per minuteBPM0 - 1500 (Variable)
Air ConsumptionCFM~
Working Heightmm~
Air Pressurepsi~
Motor PowerkW / hp1.5 / 2
Voltage / AmperageV / amp240
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)mm1524 x 1524 x 2134
Nett Weightkg726

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